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Fitness embodies the quality of being capable of performing a particular role or task within the physical AND mental realms of life. Research continues to show that our mental fitness and physical fitness are critically dependent on each other. Therefore, training, check-ups and treatments for our mental health should be just as commonplace as those for our physical health. IPF provides the options for this integrated approach.

The largest factors affecting physical and mental fitness are relationships, diet and exercise. Integrated Personal Fitness provides services to help sustain or improve on each of these factors. We use various methods including Personal Training, Licensed Massage, one-on-one instruction through academic style courses, and Licensed Professional Counseling. Our professional counseling encompasses many behavioral health aspects, such as anxiety, depression, family/career conflict, major life adjustments, relationships, stress, trauma, as well as physical fitness issues.

All our services are provided in an enjoyable, private environment. Considerate, professional attention is given to create a personal, customized plan. You can choose to utilize just one of our services or integrate a variety of services together.

Please use the sub-sections below to learn more about us; call us with any questions or to set up a free consultation.