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The Power of IPF Training

The power of IPF is not only to integrate a variety of training methods into your fitness program, but also to integrate fitness back into your day-to-day life. The result from following the IPF program is to enhance your quality of life for a lifetime, not just while you are a client.

At IPF, we feel that the average individual underestimates the impact that small day-to-day routines and habits have on a person's life. What some would consider a minor change to their life, when performed nearly every day, can have a major impact in their health and wellness. IPF is mindful to help identify applicable routines and habits, unique to their clients, that will help them infuse aspects of their IPF fitness program back into their day-to-day life. Changes to current routines or the development of new ones often help a client merge fitness related activities into their lifestyle in such a way that it can more easily be maintained for the rest of their life.