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About IPF Personal Fitness Training

Integrated Personal Fitness (IPF) specializes in fitness sessions in an environment as private as your own home. Considerate, professional attention is provided from a knowledgeable and nationally certified personal trainer with an extensive variety of training gear. You will be the only client in the exercise room during your session or you can "buddy up" with clients of similar goals to reduce expense and provide additional camaraderie and encouragement. Fitness sessions are tailored to specific needs and goals and designed to follow an integrated training program. Many find this environment to be the private fitness environment they've always wanted.

Integrated training is a concept that incorporates various forms of training in an integrated fashion as part of a progressive system. This includes flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, reactive, speed agility & quickness and resistance training. This approach helps you progress to meet a wide variety of goals because we systematically design a program specifically tailored to move from your current state to your desired conditioning.

IPF also strives to provide unique attributes that are not available at the typical gym/studio; such as: 1) you can be the only client in the exercise room, 2) you choose your own music, 3) you effect the design/components of your exercise station, 4) young children may attend fitness session, 5) free nutrition samples and recovery drinks, & 6) discounted fitness products.

Be sure to view the "Benefits of IPF" and "Power of IPF" pages for details about the unique features IPF has to offer. The initial assessment session is free, so call and schedule an appointment to see what Integrated Personal Fitness can do for you.