IPF Counseling Services

•  Anxiety
•  Depression
•  Couple or Family Counseling

•  ADHD •  Eating Disorders
•  Adoption •  Life Coaching
•  Anger Management •  Obesity
•  Antisocial Personality •  Obsessive-Compulsive
•  Behavioral Issues •  Relationship Issues
•  Bipolar Disorder •  Self Esteem
•  Child or Adolescent •  Self-Harming
•  Chronic Illness •  Spirituality
•  Coping Skills •  Stress
•  Developmental Disorders •  Trauma and PTSD
•  Divorce •  Weight Loss
•  Dual Diagnosis  

Mental Health
•  Mood Disorders
•  Thinking Disorders

About Your Counselor


Mrs. Amanda Mains Huggins
Master of Science in Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

Counseling does not dictate one way to be or feel. Here there is no judgement, only support and guidance as we face your reality together, process any difficult or confusing matters within a safe space, make sense of your own unique story, and establish personal well-being in healthy ways that work for you. I have overcome obstacles concerning physical disability, grief, stress, anxiety, and financial conflict. Mental illness is not the only cause for counseling. If you are experiencing distress in any amount do not be afraid or ashamed to seek help. I have experienced that growth happens gradually. We are extremely more resilient, each in our own ways, than we often think ourselves to be. If you are seeking help to any extent, I recognize you as strong in potential. You are worth the time. Change is possible no matter how difficult or discouraging circumstances seem.

Private pay sliding scale, Individual session: $80 per 50 minutes, Couple/Family session: $120 per 50 minutes. Scheduled appointments only. Call: 832-289-5261

IPF Counseling Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, there will be evening hours from 5 - 8 pm

A: If you like to take notes, feel free to bring a pen and note paper. The most important thing to bring is your truth and honesty about your situation, that is most helpful.