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The main difference between IPF and most fitness facilities is instruction in a private environment at an affordable price. The private environment better provides for a focused client AND instructor. Rather than you attempting to block out your surrounding environment like at most facilities, we (along with your help) strive to create a totaly non-threatening, peaceful, undistracting environment. We believe you can and should relax your mind while you workout your body.

Call (832) 472-1167 or e-mail: info@ipfhome.com

You can come by the facility as directed in the "Map" page or call or e-mail for an appointment (info at the top of this page). Scheduling an appointment is best as IPF reduces overhead by not having staff at the facility when there are no sessions active. However, we are often available to show the facility and provide some information if you would like to drop in.

At IPF, we want to integrate fitness into your life. Therefore, nearly any time of day or night can be accommodated by one of the trainers. Call to see if your desired time slot is available. We try to avoid working on Sundays, but if you have very limiting restrictions check with us.

Yes. Talking about what IPF has to offer related to your fitness goals is free.

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