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IPF Training

Integrated Personal Fitness (IPF) specializes in fitness sessions in an environment as private as your own home. Considerate, professional attention is provided from a knowledgeable and nationally certified personal trainer with an extensive variety of training gear. You will be the only client in the exercise room during your session or you can "buddy up" with clients of similar goals to reduce expense and provide additional camaraderie and encouragement. Fitness sessions are tailored to specific needs and goals and designed to follow an integrated training program. Many find this environment to be the private fitness environment they've always wanted.


Benefits of IPF Training

The benefits of an integrated, personal fitness program are numerous and they shape a majority of our day-to-day activities. Click the "Learn More" button to see some of these benefits.


Power of IPF Training

The power of IPF is not only to integrate a variety of training methods into your fitness program, but also to integrate fitness back into your day-to-day life. The result from following the IPF program is to enhance your quality of life for a lifetime, not just while you are a client.


PFT Services

The prime service of the IPF Training program is comprehensive, private one-on-one personal training sessions with a wide variety of exercise modes and activities. Click the "Learn More" button to see session fees.


Aspects of IPF Training

Click the "Learn More" button to see many of the modes and activities that can be folded into your fitness sessions.


IPF Training FAQ

Click the "Learn More" button to see frequently asked questions.